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dsvi commented on May 26, 2017. daviddias closed this as completed on Jun 25, 2017. dsvi mentioned this issue on Jun 25, 2017. Reconsider silly "security" practicies #594..

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Go to Settings > General (or General Management on Samsung) > Reset to reset your network. 2. Disable VPN on Your PC. Using a VPN service to funnel your connection.

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1 ACCEPTED SOLUTION. 09-28-2017 11:41 AM. Refresh can only be used with connections themselves (and those that represent data sources, such as a SQL table, an Excel file on dropbox, a SharePoint list, and so on), not with a function that is returned by a connection. For your scenario, if you have, for example, a gallery whose Items property is.

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1) check whether the ping is normal. It means that the web page cannot be displayed by typing in ie. There may be a problem with the network connection. We can use ping to check: click the Windows "start" button, and then select "Program > attachment >".

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Press Win + X and select Device Manager. Expand the Camera / Imaging Devices sections and check if the webcam is listed here. If it’s listed, the problem is likely software-related, so you can skip ahead to the next solution. If it’s not listed, select Action > Scan for hardware changes from the menu bar.

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